Pepper chicken Fry

The goodness of Indian spices can never be explained in words. We don’t need lot of ingredients to make our dish the best, just a few ingredients is all you needed. The aroma that you feel in ur kitchen after cooking is truly a bliss… so this dish is one of that kind.

Just few ingredients and your done.


1.All garam masala items  (bay leaves-1 , cloves 2, cinnamon stick- half inch ,fennel seeds- half tsp)

2.Onion -1 medium size

3.Tomato -1 medium size

4.Turmeric powder- half tsp

5.Curry leaves and cilantro for garnishing

6. Chili powder -less than half tsp

7. Coriander powder- half tsp

8. Peppercorns freshly pounded- 5 tsp or more (depend on ur spice level)

9. Chicken – 15 medium size pieces

10- Oil and Salt as neeeded


1. To begin make , in a preheated pan add in some oil. Let the oil become hot now add in the whole gram masala items one next to other.

2. Now add in diced onion and tomato cook it for few minutes, once they become soft add in the spice powders with salt .

3.Cook until the rawness of spices powder  goes off. Sprinkle some water if needed. Don’t over do water since this is not a gravy .Then add chicken and freshly pounded peppercons . Give it a mix.

4.In a medium Flame cook the chicken for 25-30 minutes with the lid on .Stir in once in every 5 minutes to avoid burning/over cooking on one side.

5. Finally garnish it with some curry leaves and cilantro. serve it with roti or hot rice.





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