Whole wheat Bread (Eggless version)

I don’t want to spend for my bread anymore :):). Just tried baking it today and it came out well.Baking it is not a deal. With few ingredient we can make a homemade organic bread :)Since i tried it for the first time i used less quality of all ingredient. You can use more or less quantity depend on your need.


  1. Whole wheat Flour – 2 Cups
  2. All purpose Flour – 1 cup
  3. Warm Milk  – 1 Cup ( more or less) to knead the dough
  4. Sugar – 2 tsp
  5. Salt – 1 tsp
  6. Rapid raise Instant Yeast – 2 tsp
  7. Olive oil – 2 tsp


  1. In a large bowl, add in whole wheat flour, all purpose flour with salt, sugar, yeast .Give it a mix.
  2. Add in warm milk and start kneading the dough.
  3. Dust kitchen platform with some All purpose flour, place the dough in it, add in oil and continue kneading.I did almost 150 turns to make soft dough.Cover it with a slight wet tissue for 10 mins.
  4. Now in a baking tray, Place the dough horizontally  and cover it and leave it for 30 mins.
  5. After 30 mins, you can see the dough raised. Now pre-heat, the oven at 350F for 5 mins.
  6. Then place the tray inside the oven in 375F for 30 mins.(About 1st 15 mins, scrunch the aluminium foil and put it on top of the bread so that the it will not become too brown).
  7. After 30 mins, Take it out.. let the bread cool down. Then slice it :):)Happy baking 🙂




4 Comments Add yours

  1. CHCooks says:

    Really nice looking bread 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pritha13 says:

    This looks awesome!!!!

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