Veggie Cheese Pasta

Pasta,It is a traditional Italian cuisine dish. It is generally a simple dish, but comes in large varieties. Generally pasta’s can be served as a first course or a light lunchbox dish with some salad or a main course for dinner. It can either be served hot/cold. It is a versatile food item. The type of pasta which i used is Stortini Pasta (will be like a smaller version of elbow macaroni).


1. Pasta (Cooked in a boiled water with some salt for 10 mins)

2. Mixed veggies ( It’s your choice)

I used onion,tomato,green capsicum,Carrot,Cabbage.

3.Pepper —1tsp or more

4. Soy sauce –half a tsp

5. Sriracha sauce —half a tsp

4.Olive oil –1tsp

5.Salt ( To taste)

6.Cheese( i used mozzarella cheese shredded)

7. Chili flakes –> Sprinkle while serving (optional)


1.In a pre-heated pan, add in a tsp of oil, once the oil got heated up add all the veggies together and give it a saute.

2. Just Saute it for 2 mins, we want the veggies to be crunchy, So don’t over cook it. Now add soy sauce Sriracha sauce and salt for the veggies.

3. Add in the cooked pasta and toss it Put a tsp of pepper and give it a toss again. Within 2 mins you can see the pasta blend well with the all the colorful veggies,sauces and pepper .

4. Now off the gas and sprinkle the cheese and chili flakes around. Close the lid of the pan and leave it, The cheese starts to melt in the heat. That’s it. Mouth watering pasta ready to serve.

5. Serve it hot. happy eating 🙂

Veggie Cheese Pasta @Yummly


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