Dosa is one of the best and filling breakfast dish when it comes to south Indian cuisine. They are many types in Dosa, Paper dosa,Uthapam, kal dhosa and so on. It is so fun to try different shapes in dosa, since the batter will be of smooth paste. Now i am going to share my breakfast dish with you 🙂

Dosa with tomato chutney:

Most of the people prefer to have dosa with sambar, But i was little lazy today morning to do sambar, so i had  prepared tomato chutney/red chutney which is so easy and goes well with idli and dosa.

Dosa :

  1. Pre-heat the dosa pan, When it got heated up completely add some drops of oil and spread it with tissue paper around the pan.
  2. Then put the batter in the middle of the pan moving it clockwise and make a circle.
  3. Once it started to cook the top layer form a small small holes, indicating that the layer is cooked ,now add some oil drops around or ghee drops around.
  4. Then flip it and cook it for a just 2 mins.
  5. That’s it. thin and taste dosa ready

Serve it hot.


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