Ganesh Chathurthi Special Menu

Wishing you all a very happy vinayagar chaturthi. Let the elephant faced God bless you and your family. Lord Ganesha is so easy going, he is friendly and doesn’t come with restrictions or terrific history with weapons and wars. He is well known for his Wisdom. Let us pray him whole heartedly and live a healthy and happy life. Vinayagar chadurthi is a Hindu festival celebrated in almost all parts of India. On the auspicious day people use to cook so many delicious items for lord Ganesha and pray.

Today i am going to share few recipe which i cooked on vinayagar chadurthi day. Here it is for you!! Let me list it.

The one in the middle is chole which is nothing but chick peas called kadali in tamil. To the top right is sweet kozukatai and the one in the bottom is mothagam, which tastes like sweet Dumplings. All the three dishes is must when it comes to vinayagar chadurthi celebration. It is all healthy, Delicious and easy making dish.

Let me list the preparation steps: Will start off with chole: Called Kadali

Chickpeas Recipe:

Soak the chick peas in water for overnight( if not soak it for min 6 hours)

I had soaked chick peas overnight.


Chick peas — 2 cups

Water — a cup for soaking and 2 more cook for pressure cooking

Salt — to taste

turmeric powder —  a pinch


Mustard seed — half a tsp

urad dal — half a tsp

Whole red chili — 2 nos

hing — a pinch

Curry leaves — 6-7 leaves


1.Soak the chick peas overnight, then drain out the water, put it in the pressure cooker and add in 2 cups of water.

2. Now add salt, turmeric powder. Give it a stir. And the pressure cook it for 6 whistles.

3.Once it is done, keep it aside in a wide bowl. Now its time to do seasoning.

4. In a pan add oil after it got heated up add mustard seeds. After the mustard seed started to crackle add urad dal, whole red chili and hing. Add all these one next to other in low flame. Then add it in a wide chick peas filled bowl.

5. Finally sprinkle some curry leaves on top of it.

My yummly like to this dish Chick peas



Jaggery—2 table spoon or more depend on your sweet preference

Coconut –1 tsp

Rice flour…half cup


Pinch of salt to enhance the taste


  1. In a preheated pan add in some water,when the water became warm add the jaggery so that it melt and mix with water.
  2. Keep it aside, Using the strainer filter the jaggery water so that tiny stones in the jaggery will be removed.
  3. Then transfer it to the heating pan, cook it for few mins, Once it started to bubble add the rice flour along with the crushed cardamom.
  4. Mix it continuously,the lumps will spoil the taste.Then add coconut. Mix it until it forms a thick consistency.
  5. Once the consistency is reached, Set it aside to cool. After some time, Shape it as you desire, and steam cook it for 10 mins

Serve it hot or warm.

Here is my Yummly like to this dish Kozukatai

Mothagam (Sweet Dumplings)

This is my favorite. It is so delicious and mouth watering.


Dough (The covering layer inside which stuffs is placed)

Rice flour —less than half cup

Hot water — to mix with rice flour and make a soft covering layers


Jaggery — 3 tsp or more depend on your taste preference.

Cocount –half cup

cardamom –2 crushed

water –2 tsp


  1. First prepare the dough for this recipe, In a hot water add rice flour with some salt. Mix it and make a dough.Set it aside.
  2. Now let us make stuffing’s, In a heating pan add powdered jaggery and grated cocount. Add some water for moisture.
  3. Mix it well, then add in cardamom and mix it again. The jaggery by itself leave some water and start to stick with coconut.Cook it for some 3 min.
  4. keep it aside. Let it warm.
  5. Then stuff the mix in the dough like dumplings and steam cook it for 10 mins.

That’s it.  Yummy sweet dumplings ready.Have it warm.

Link to this dish in yummly Sweet Dumplings/Mothagam


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