Guacamole Sandwich Recipe


Today i am going to share a wholesome breakfast recipe which is very easy,delicious and healthy. Its a Mexican origin recipe. It is actually an avocado based dip goes with tortilla chip or any type of cracker .of your choice.. But now we are going to make it as a breakfast dish by adding some interesting ingredients and make it even more delicious.



  • avocado — 2
  • Onion ( Finely chopped )
  • Tomato ( Finely chopped )
  • Lemon Juice ( 1 table spoon or more as your taste preference )
  • Cilantro ( Finely chopped )
  • Garlic ( Optional )
  • Yogurt ( 1 table spoon ) Optional
  • Salt and sugar ( a pinch)
  • Bread (4 slices)


PREP TIME  10mins

  1. To begin making the homemade guacamole, Cut the avocado into half and remove the seed. Then scoop out the flesh to a bowl. Mash it using fork or masher. Give it a smooth mash without lumps.
  2. Then add all the ingredients (onion,tomato,garlic,cilantro,yogurt,salt,sugar,lemon juice). Mix it well.
  3. Now, Spread it over the toasted bread. Make it like a sandwich. And that’s it. yummy Homemade Guacamole Sandwich ready. Enjoy your breakfast with fresh orange juice. Happy eating.

Link to Guacamole Sandwich


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