Cucumber Raita


It is a great side dish for spice food like briyani,kothu parota and so on. At summer we prefer to have it post lunch like a yogurt salad. It is a healthy and easy to do dish.


  • Yogurt ( 1 large cup)
  • Water (as needed)
  • Cucumber (2 large cucumber finely chopped)
  • Salt( as needed)
  • Brown Sugar ( a pinch)
  • Chat masala (as needed) (optional)
  • Pepper ( a pinch)


PREP TIME  5mins

  1. In a vessel, add yogurt followed by some water depend on the consistency you prefer. Give it a mix.
  2. Then add cucumber, a pinch of sugar and salt. Stir it so that yogurt and cucumber blend together.
  3. Finally top it with some chat masala and pepper. Happy eating.

Link to Cucumber raita


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